“Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…”

Thursday 11th July saw the very first BLUE14 Pure Performance Event take place on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon in Brighton!

Guests from the six, entrepreneurial BLUE14 Performance companies; ePerformance, Paper & Pixels, Rewards Bag, Triyit, Version Two & Yoke, were invited down to the South Coast for an exclusive opportunity to mingle and bond with their fellow, like-minded individuals, all of whom share a love of Performance Media…and having a good time!

Starting off at The West Pier Visitors Centre, guests gave lively presentations, introducing their businesses to each other, and offering more insight into what they bring to the BLUE14 family.

Ice creams & cold drinks in the sun (what else?!) followed, allowing everyone a chance to digest what they’d just heard and follow up on any Q&As.

Guests were then split into teams, given a treasure map and sent out round the streets of Brighton in search of hidden treasure!

Each team, armed only with a backpack and a camera, had to unearth 9 letters that formed a secret word and led them to a secret location! How they got to each location was up to them, but it was a race to the finish line!!

Answers revealed the secret word as one of the first BLUE14 companies, ‘Bluecrest‘, and the location…the address of the exciting new BLUE14 offices, coming soon – Rock Place!

Spirits were high by the end of the evening, fueled by fun, team building (and beer..!) and it was by far the most successful BLUE14 event to date.

It was a truly great day, sharing, bonding, drinking and socialising with a great group of individuals, all of whom really show they have the true BLUE14 culture code within them: Entrepreneurial. Empowerment. Encompassing.

Bring on the next one…!