GIGANTIC BLUE14 welcome to famed CRO Agency ConversionWise 👏 Pioneering CRO landscape since 2013

🌍 Designed more landing pages than any other agency on the planet!

💥 Converted for 3,500+ client brands from eCom giants to start ups ( even Lionel Messi ⚽️!)

🚀 Explosive profit growth circa 200% YOY

Kinda makes the BLUE14 gathering look like a Teddy Bears picnic

(but that James Matthewman is really cute to work with 🧸)

We’re so looking forward to working with cofounders Andy Haskins Oliver Kenyon plus

Alex B. Liza Hudson Kyle Foster Jack Innes and the global CW team

You bring the community – we’ll bring the fizz 🍾

PS – Big thanks to fellow syndicate investors and colleagues for developing this wonderful opportunity ❤️