What’s that, I hear you say?


Yes! Sometimes, as an investor you have an
‘Uber’ moment.

You chance upon a new vigorous brand, that
could change an entire industry forever.

Your gut says YES and you back it.

This is one of those moments!

Check this out if you don’t believe us:

Is this the worlds FRESHEST Beer Co? This is The Greater Good..

On Thursday last week (17th
Oct), Jim very generously offered an amazing 200 PINTS OF FREE BEER on LinkedIn
via a simple competition..

YES! He really did!



Because he, and BLUE14 are
bonkers for this biz.

10 Lucky winners were chosen to
win a Twenty Pint introductory box including their sexy Pinter (RRP £70) simply
by commenting; “Give me FREE beer ????!”

The lucky 10 will be some of the first people in the world to taste this Beer Revolution – Congratulations to them!

Other respondents were not left
disappointed though, and offered a special discount code to trial this amazing
product also.

So, is this The Worlds Freshest
Beer Co?

Very probably 😉