15/11/18 – BLUE14 Launch Party

As the clock struck five, Brighton prepared itself for the launch of one of the most exciting and innovative companies to grace its streets. The scene? An alternative and relaxed bar, Dead Wax Social in Brighton’s famous North Laine, decked out with vinyl and specialising in craft beers. Performers showed their skills with glowing LED hula hoops as guests arrived, by invitation only, to learn more about the newest kid on the block…

The night began with plenty of chatter and positive vibes, matching the personality of the founder, Jim Lewcock. Once the man of the moment arrived, he took over to the stage and introduced everyone to his new business venture: BLUE14.

Then the night took off, much like the launch itself, full of vitality and enthusiasm. The DJ cranked up the tunes, the guests relaxed into networking and socialising, and everyone there was truly excited to be to be part of the new phenomenon that is BLUE14.

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