Providing start-up investment and strategic support to Performance Media People

BLUE14 PERFORMANCE helps entrepreneurs launch Digital Performance Companies that de-risk and scale customer growth for DTC advertisers.

We like our entrepreneur/s with a clear vision – something incredible to back from day one. We like direct response. CPA Digital Plays. Cost per anything. Ecommerce. Multi-national. Fast movers & free thinkers.

And we don’t care about age, gender, colour or qualifications.

We typically invest £50,000 to £250,000 per company at 0-4 years from conception, for meaningful equity stake.

Beyond some heavy weight strategy from Dom and Jim (and the ‘super six’ levers) we can optionally provide affordable accounts staff, coolest office spaces (COMARKETING), business development and plentiful networking opportunities.

Our BLUE14 PERFORMANCE community work with over 200 advertiser brands across our numerous activities from Influencer to Creative, Native to Partnerships… And if you have the idea and the drive – we might just have a community space for you too! Send your pitch to

Meet the community:

BLUE14 have supported us with investment, resource and major strategic plays


Jidé Maduako
Cofounder & CEO, Yoke Network