Launching and investing in ‘Value-Innovation’ brands

The world acclaimed Blue Ocean Strategy is forever in our thinking – and it’s a mandatory play for any DTC brand we invest in.

Put simply, we invest in market creating brands that trade on both heightened customer experience and low cost. This is called Value-Innovation, the cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy.

Like; PINTER – the uber of craft beer, or Bookhound – serving up the best-selling reads in bargain bundles, or Loopster – saving the world from fast fashion! (and allowing its customers to save AND earn money).

There are two ways to partner with us.

  1. BLUE14 DTC – In-house launches
    We design, market test and launch our own eCommerce /subscription products, and partner with inventors or manufacturers who need a route to consumer with marketing support.

    We typically take majority, or entirety of equity stake, and fund 100% of product, operations and customer marketing costs.

  2. Backing DTC winners
    Via EIS/SEIS schemes we identify DTC brands who have the Blue Ocean formula in the making. And, we help them grow their business through our Performance Media community.

    We typically invest £50,000 to £250,000 per company at 1 – 4 years from conception, with evidence of working customer acquisition metrics, for meaningful equity stake.

If you can see the ocean, send your pitch to

Our active DTC Brand launches and investments:

Always insightful on our board and driving thousands of new customers, we’re big fans of BLUE14



Assean Sheikh
Cofounder & CMO, Flavourly