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Investment News! SLOW FASHION – Because fast is royally screwing the planet… Have you been wearing the same pair of joggers for 3 months? Well done! But, STOP – before you go back to fast…the fashion industry’s growth over the last 15 years has transformed it into the 2nd most polluting industry on the planet! […]

Investment News!

Introducing amazing Amazon agency; Molzi Launched by Chris Mole in 2017, to help brands take their online global sales to the max through Amazon. “Not just another marketing agency” – Molzi’s tasty tenfold monthly revenue growth in less than 15 months (yes, really!) has secured them as the go to guys. With over 40 bods, […]


What’s that, I hear you say? Really..? Yes! Sometimes, as an investor you have an ‘Uber’ moment. You chance upon a new vigorous brand, that could change an entire industry forever. Your gut says YES and you back it. This is one of those moments! Check this out if you don’t believe us: Is […]

£17m PE Investment News!

Riding the Bluecrest of the wave! £17m PE Investment News Monumental congratulations to Peter Blencowe, Alex Highman and the Bluecrest Health Screening team as they go on to the next phase of their huge growth journey with the most excellent and astute Vespa Capital. An incredibly successful investment – ‘one we made earlier’ at BLUE14 […]

“Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…”

Thursday 11th July saw the very first BLUE14 Pure Performance Event take place on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon in Brighton! Guests from the six, entrepreneurial BLUE14 Performance companies; ePerformance, Paper & Pixels, Rewards Bag, Triyit, Version Two & Yoke, were invited down to the South Coast for an exclusive opportunity to mingle and bond with […]

The next BIG buzz word is … NON-disruptive!

Jim recently made the pilgrimage to the Blue Ocean Strategy Institute in beautiful Fontainebleau, France. There, he enjoyed waves of inspo from INSEAD Professor, Renee Mauborgne, ranked 3rd best business thinker of the world! A reminder that there is a world beyond competing through Game-change or disruption (and other words passed their sell by date). […]

15/11/18 – BLUE14 Launch Party

As the clock struck five, Brighton prepared itself for the launch of one of the most exciting and innovative companies to grace its streets. The scene? An alternative and relaxed bar, Dead Wax Social in Brighton’s famous North Laine, decked out with vinyl and specialising in craft beers. Performers showed their skills with glowing LED […]

Adman ‘puts money where mouth is’ investing in consumer brands and media companies.

Ex-Specialist Works founder Jim Lewcock has announced his latest venture since selling his £130M Billing independent media agency earlier this year: BLUE14 is focused on the ecommerce sector and will launch and invest in B2C brands and performance media companies. “It’s a re-shaped model” says Lewcock, “We are a fast-moving group of angel investors, B2C […]